A thorough process. A thoughtful outcome.

The agencies and research firms serving on the NameStorm Task Force worked closely together for two years to explore the viability of the existing category name (Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC) among key audiences and to generate and evaluate alternative names. The process was diverse and thorough, involving more than 4,350 consumers and over a hundred CCRC operators. The same degree of rigor was applied to the vetting process and to trademark and legal analysis, which culminated with the selection of Life Plan Community as the new category name.

The process.

The NameStorm Task Force began by engaging CCRC operators to help generate new category name ideas. After evaluating the names against a set of predetermined criteria, the task force selected 10 names and developed a survey to explore the viability of the existing name and the new options. More than 4,100 surveys were completed with responses coming from all 50 states. The task force also conducted 34 focus groups across seven US markets, eliciting reactions to the existing category moniker and the top 10 alternative names from more than 250 participants, including CCRC residents, prospects and potential future consumers of senior living under the age of 65.

The findings.

Among those in the target population, 84% of respondents 65 and younger preferred a category name other than CCRC. Across all age groups, most participants expressed a need for a name that focuses on more than care. The name Life Plan Community emerged as a viable category name to replace CCRC, prompting positive reactions in the survey such as “it’s about me and my needs,” “it’s easy to remember” and “it makes me likely to want to learn more.”

The choice.

The final steps involved trademark evaluation and final consultation by the industry marketing leaders serving on the task force. The task force determined that Life Plan Community is a strong replacement for Continuing Care Retirement Community and that the new term appeals to the next cohort of boomers, bringing together “planning” and “living” while accentuating personal agency and self-direction.

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