They’re changing the game. We’re changing the name.

Since they were teens, the boomers have done things differently. So it’s no surprise they’re revolutionizing retirement, and reinventing themselves and the senior living field. To meet the needs of this generation, senior living communities have transformed from care providers into vibrant villages offering a range of residential options, along with new opportunities for creative, educational and personal exploration. Clearly, the name Continuing Care Retirement Community no longer describes the vibrant, forward-looking nature of the contemporary senior living community, which is really a Life Plan Community.

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How you know it’s a Life Plan Community:

A Life Plan Community is a replacement name for the category currently called Continuing Care Retirement Community.

At a minimum, a Life Plan Community should:

• Offer more than one level of care on a single campus
• Have a focus on an active lifestyle
• Be integrated into the community with an emphasis on giving back and being socially responsible

A Life Plan Community follows the definition of a CCRC set by NIC as:
Age-restricted properties that include a combination of independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing services (or independent living and skilled nursing) available to residents all on one campus. Resident payment plans vary and include entrance fee, condo/coop and rental programs.

The goal of the NameStorm Task Force was to develop a name and compelling messaging to engage those older adults who will be seeking services during the next decade and to encourage prospects to enter CCRCs at a younger age. The name change from CCRC to Life Plan Community switches the emphasis from passive care to active living and planning—a shift that appeals to younger, healthier senior adults.